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Through Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, ANAND LAW is able to assist individuals and businesses to retain real properties, prevent foreclosure and restructure debt. Some examples of what can be accomplised through a Chapter 11 Reorganization are:

  • Stop foreclosure sales and retain real property;
  • Re-structure mortgage debt so that outstanding balances are equal to the market value of real properties;
  • Re-structure mortgage debts by lowering interest rates;
  • Remove unsecured real property mortgage liens;
  • Remove certain tax liens;
  • Eliminate unsecured debt.

If you are facing foreclosure, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be the best, and possibly only, way to save your property. If you own multiple properties which are over-encumbered, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy may allow you to reduce the balances owed on each loan to the current market value of the property.

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