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Bankruptcy is a fundamental right that is guaranteed under the Constitution.

If you are caught in an endless cycle of debt, it is not your fault. Exorbitant interest rates on credit cards, medical bills and job loss are a few of the many reasons that cause financial hardship and can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, a few unfortunate events can lead to a cycle of debt which quickly becomes impossible to overcome. But, you do not have to continue to drown in debt. The law offers a solution by providing a way for you eliminate some or all of your debt. Designed to provide honest but unfortunate debtors a “fresh start”, bankruptcy protection is a powerful tool which allows you to begin with a clean slate and relieve pressure from collections, wage garnishments and lawsuits while you reorganize your future.

The Chapter 13 Repayment Plan

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to retain your home while paying off a percentage of your unsecured debts. You will be required to make monthly “plan” payments to the U.S. Trustee. The U.S. Trustee then pays your creditors. The plan payments will need to be made for three to five years, after which time you owe nothing to unsecured creditors. ANAND LAW can devise an economically feasible plan which will allow you to retain your home and pay off unsecured debtors at a minimal percent.

Foreclosures and Chapter 13 Bankrutpcy

If you are facing foreclosure, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to save your home. ANAND LAW can navigate the bankruptcy and real estate laws in order to allow you to halt foreclosure and make reasonable payments to continue living in your home.

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