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ANAND LAW PC is a full service law firm representing businesses and consumers in California and throughout the United States. We work in a variety of practice areas, handling transactional matters and litigating in state and federal courts.

While many firms employ a cookie-cutter approach, ANAND LAW places great emphasis on providing each client with a tailor-made gameplan. However, our focus on providing individualized services is always tempered with cost constraints in mind.


ANAND LAW achieves the best possible resolution for our clients after careful consideration of all factors – including, the legal grounds for the case; the time required to pursue or defend, and the advantages/disadvantages of a quick resolution; budget constraints on both sides; the potential of a settlement versus judgment after trial; and, collectability of any judgment obtained.

We draft and negotiate contracts with the experience of having both prosecuted and defended cases, in State, Federal, and Bankruptcy Courts. This gives us the advantage of knowing how a court will interpret contractual language, and the experience to predict what factual scenarios may occur and affect how the agreement is then interpreted by a judge or jury.