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ANAND LAW litigates general business, entertainment, real estate, and injury cases, including business and contract disputes, trademark and copyright infringement claims, and unfair competition and sexual assault matters. We litigate in state and federal courts, including bankruptcy court.

Prior cases which represent our ability to win include:

  • Confidential mid six-figure settlement achieved in corporate shareholder dispute; ANAND LAW took over case after multiple attorneys handled matter for years; within 6 months, ANAND LAW forced a settlement which was over 10 times the highest offer prior to taking on case;
  • Right to Attach Order received against buyer of wholesale textiles who had failed to pay in excess of a million dollars;
  • Successful representation of California-based shipper whose products were illegally seized by a Chinese-based trans-shipper. ANAND LAW was able to secure the release of all property, which was valued at over a million dollars;
  • Confidential high six-figure settlement achieved for foreign religious institution;
  • Confidential settlement reached on behalf of artist/singer in copyright/right of publicity case against manager, advertising agency and international pharmaceutical company
  • Multiple restraining orders obtained preventing mortgage lenders from conducting foreclosure sale;
  • Multiple favorable settlements achieved in litigation against mortgage lenders;
  • Mid six-figure Judgment received against construction sub-contractor;
  • Confidential settlement achieved in personal business dispute which involved business dealings spanning two decades with no formal paperwork;
  • Confidential settlement achieved for commercial tenant who was being evicted by the purchaser of the commercial building;
  • Confidential settlement achieved for residential tenants who were being evicted by the purchasers of the property, who had purchased at a foreclosure action.

*Prior results do no guarantee any future outcomes. Case results depend on particular facts of each individual case.

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