We have successfully combatted extensive “slut-shaming” campaigns.  We have battled, in and out of court, to change the public perception of what a victim goes through after an assault occurs.  We continue to strive to educate the public on the myths of sexual assault.  There is no “normal” reaction.  There is no “right” way for a victim to act, or “proper” retaliation for a victim to want.  Every situation is different.  And every victim is different.  We work with victims to achieve the right solution for them, whether through representation in civil and/or criminal court, or assistance with the local police, sexual assault unit, district attorney’s office, or the media.

We utilize experts who have dedicated their lives to combating sexual violence against women.  We take a detailed look at the factors involved in each case.  And we listen to our client’s goals.  Ultimately, it is a big decision to come forward, and our success is truly only measured by how our client feels when it is all said and done.

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