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Property Management

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ANAND LAW assists property managers of single family residences, commericial properties, boarding homes, halfway and in-patient homes, retirement communities and hotels.


We can assist you with all aspects of property management including:



  • Complying with all law and regulations including federal, state and municipality. If you need permits, we can walk you through the process and ensure that you are compliant on all levels. Investing a small amount now can prevent incurring huge costs to remedy a non-compliant situation.
  • Rental Collections and Accounting / Management of Expenses
  • Counseling regarding compliance with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act and California’s equivalent sections of the Unruh Act; defense represenation in actions regarding the same.


  • Removing breaching tenants expediently and cost-effectively. All matters are handled by an attorney and meticulous attention to detail is paid to ensure that you can begin realizing profit as soon as legally possible. We can assist you in every aspect of the unlawful detainer process, including:
    • Preparing and serving notices to pay rent or quit (e.g. 3-Day or 30-day Notices);
    • Representation in the unlawful detainer action through and including trial;
    • Representation in any necessary related civil matter for damages;
    • Assistance with legally disposing of or retaining personal property left at the premises.


For buildings controlled by the City of Los Angeles’ Rent Stablization Ordinance (RSO or “rent-control”), we can assist you with ensuring compliance, maximizing rent, and dealing with the Los Angeles Housing Department and the Board of Building and Safety Commissioners.